Why music?

Everyone can relate to music; it is a natural part of being human When you engage in music experiences with others, you deepen that connection and you remember the experience. Shared music experiences build trust, collaboration, communication and engagement.


What kinds of music experiences will we do?

TRM works with each organization to identify your unique needs and goals. What is missing in your company? Are your employees engaged? Do they work well together? What is great about your company that you want to enhance? We will design music experiences that are safe, interactive, and just plain fun...but don't let the fun fool you; these experiences can potentially lead to increased collaboration, creative problem solving, improved morale, enhanced engagement, and better outcomes for your company.

“Tracy’s gentle presence, caring demeanor, engaging presentation, and dynamic interaction with the Union Health Foundation Board of Directors inspired the Board to take action. Through Tracy’s ability to read her audience, recognize uncertainty and address skepticism, she was able to remove years of obstacles to our progress.”

Joel R Harbaugh
Executive Director
Union Health Foundation

Creativity is essential...

...to everyone. When we tap into our creativity we are tapping into our best ideas and our unique gifts. Individuals need to be creative, but businesses need it too. Creativity is essential to companies who want to be innovative, competitive, and successful. Creativity is no longer a nice "add on" but is the key to being a successful organization. A culture of creativity allows innovative solutions to emerge. Companies that invest in creative experiences for their employees are investing in a more successful future. TRM uses strategically designed music experiences to enhance creativity.


Programs can be tailored according to your timeframe, number of participants, space, and budget. For a complete description of each program or to discuss the right program for your needs, contact us at tracy@tracyrichardsonmusic.com

NOTE: Outcomes listed below are examples; actual outcomes vary from group to group.

Musical Energizer

  • Fosters openness and excitement, encourages collaboration, sparks creative thinking, builds teamwork attitude


  • Engages groups in team building, enriches staff development, communicates company values, addresses mission buy-in and employee impact

Legacy Song

  • Provides a song written specifically for your company using details important to you, tells your company story, shares the values of your company through music, provides a unique product to share with customers and/or employees

Interactive Karaoke

  • Addresses trust and collaboration, assists in developing relationships, assists with overcoming fears and enhancing creative thinking

Conference Keynote

  • Provides knowledge on a specific topic, addresses engagement