Don't die with the music still in you...

 I want to comment on the photo on this page. It's a piano (obviously) sitting outside a little shop in Naperville, IL. I just love what is written on it: "Don't die with the music still in you." It speaks to a core value of mine, that is, we all have something to offer, something which needs expressing.

Why does it need to be expressed? Because, in my opinion, it satisfies a deep need, maybe even a purpose, within the person who is expressing. When I share my music, and you share your art, or passion for Shakespeare, or compassion for the elderly, or love for animals, etc., it fills a need within the "expressor." It's something we were created to do/share/express. In turn, when we express that "thing", it fills a hole in the world. Someone (or many "someones") needed that thing that only you could share. Sounds a bit grandiose, I know, but I believe it. When you share something good from an honest place within you, it 'feeds' the world.

This is a motto that I want to live by. I want my music, in whatever form that may be...(songs I've written, songs other people have written that I want to sing/play, music I make with others, songs and other music experiences that I can use to help those in need) be 'out there.' I don't want to keep it in because of all the reasons I've done so in the past: "It's not good enough"; "I don't have time"; "I don't have a decent recording of it"; "It takes too much energy"; "It's not going to help anyone anyway"... Enough, already.

I hope this inspires someone to share something good that they have been holding in. Don't die with the music still in you.

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